Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh Deer!

My blogging was interrupted this morning by a call from my neighbor to say there was a deer in our yard.

Now, I know there is a herd of deer in the southeast part of the city, but at Park & Seventh? Yes, I looked out to see a young male deer in the driveway. While I tried to get a photo from a window, the deer made its way to Municipal Lot 7 and then across Park Avenue to a churchyard. There, someone shooed the deer, causing it to leap a fence onto West Seventh Street. The deer was last seen heading downtown.

Why would a young male deer be wandering around the city? I recalled my great fear of doing cop runs in Somerset County when I was a reporter, especially in late fall. As I approached one particular police station, herds of deer would be crossing the road. In rutting season, they were definitely not looking both ways before crossing. The thought of a collision scared the heck out of me.

Click here for a comprehensive article on the dangers of car vs. deer encounters, especially when bucks are chasing does in rutting season.

Maybe this deer was simply looking for love in all the wrong places. With all the drivers on cell phones already not paying attention, the streets of Plainfield are even more likely to be hazardous to a deer than a country road. So, wild thing, good luck. Psst! There are does in Green Brook Park, if you can get there.

--Bernice Paglia


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