Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mayor Names Davis for PMUA

Just last week, Plaintalker was speculating to a friend that former Councilman Don Davis would land a seat on the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority.

After all, two seats were up for appointment in time for the February reorganization of the authority, and who better than the former PMUA council liaison to be next in line?

A look at the council’s Monday agenda had this writer whooping at the computer, for there under “Communications from the Mayor” was the nomination of Davis to succeed James Green for a five-year term on the authority.

However, there was no corresponding resolution for the council to vote on. So maybe it won’t be that easy for Davis to receive advice and consent from the governing body.

Davis was the Regular Democratic Organization’s nominee to succeed himself in the Third Ward City Council seat, but New Democrat Adrian Mapp beat him in the June primary and won in the November general election. Mapp’s running mate, Annie McWilliams, similarly captured the citywide at-large seat from Council President Harold Gibson, sending a message to RDO Chairman Jerry Green and his protégé, Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs, that voters desired change.

Davis had received the party line despite being under a cloud over DWI charges dating back to a March 28, 2007 incident on West Front Street. After several court delays, he was cleared on July 1, 2008, but by then was a lame duck due to the primary loss.

PMUA commissioners receive a stipend as well as other benefits, including travel to conventions. Founded a little over 10 years ago, the authority is in charge of trash collection, recycling and sewer services for the city.

This month, the PMUA will hold a hearing to discuss and take action on sewer and solid waste charges, according to a Dec. 10 legal notice. The hearing is 6 p.m. Jan. 22 at the PMUA offices, 127 Roosevelt Ave.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davis has been an embarrassment to the city and the seat he held.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous RK Smith said...

I agree with the previous post. It is too bad that the Mayor and Jerry Green continue to push the same old people. Davis should have been found guilty of DUI if not for the incompetence of our Police dept.

Now they are rewarding him with a PMUA appointment which pays money and benefits. It appears the PMUA has become the place to get political appointees patronage jobs at the expsense of taxpayers.

First it was "the man with the van" - Farraro, and now Davis.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can we take the responsibilities of PMUA back?

- We can't deduct the fees from our taxes
- During the busy holiday season, they do not have extra pick ups. And they better not charge us for the extra garbage created because of it

- We have to schedule an appointment to take trash to the facility instead of just opening the facility up for residents one Saturday a month

- They are not responsive to requests for large pick up, and when they are, the date is weeks away

Can't we do something about this?

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don Davis as a member of the PMUA board? Aren't there some "issues" with regard to Davis and certain reimbursements? I remember this came up during the primary at a city council meeting. The PMUA board is doing the taxpayers a disservice by even considering Davis for this post. The mayor has got to be kidding!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic that Jerry Green would put up Davis after all the "issues" so clearly laid out by Olive Lynch, when she blew open the Davis indiscretions.

What were the issues? Well for starters, a $350 bar bill submitted for reimbursement. A year ago, I understand he submitted a $500 bill for a one night stay in Atlantic City.

Now why is Jerry Green still putting up Don Davis for a PMUA appointment? Payback!

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic is well said. Are any council members actually going to vote for Don Davis?

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't expect any change until Assemblyman Jerry Green and City of Plainfield Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Green - yes one in the same - and felllow travelers are removed from any influence in Plainfield. He has been and continues to run this city with one thought in mind: what is best for Assemblyman Jerry Green and those joined at the hip (They hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.) is perpetuation of self-interests. What is best for the city is of no interest to these takers. Many problems the city faces, from a bungling code enforcement director, a compromised or inept judge, intimidated council members, discouraged police personnel, pot-holed streets, no redevelopment, etc., lie at the feet of the Green/Briggs team and the political hacks that they have brought to Plainfield. We are self-destructing folks!!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition, most towns have "clean up" week where you can dispose of items from your basements and attics. Plainfield decided to charge extra for this & you have to call and schedule an appt. The PMUA was not created for the residents of Plainifield....they charge us for what is a service in other towns...

I call for reinstating 'clean up' no charge.

11:11 AM  

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