Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anticipation ...

It will be weeks before the appearance of the delicate flowers that give White Star of Bethlehem its name. I happen to know that this little sprout foreshadows the event, so just looking at it fills me with anticipation.

Similarly, I know that on March 2 we shall see who will be running for the school board and on April 6 the mayoral candidates will become known.

It's probably not nice to rush the seasons and with plants I never do, because the Wheel of the Year moves at its own pace. But I sure wish the political calendar pages would fly away like the ones in a 1940s movie so all the speculation and gossip will be brushed aside by the facts. There are three three-year and one two-year school board seats up for election on April 21 and the four-year mayor's and Fourth Ward City Council seats up for election on June 2. With all the clamor for change, let's see how many incumbents want to stay on and who the challengers will be.

Meanwhile, City Council Rashid Burney has published his proposed calendar for the governing body on his blog, "As I See It." Make special note of the Feb. 25 working conference meeting on Public Safety. The time is not indicated, but I'm sure that will be publicized. The mayor has canceled her community forum previously scheduled for the same night.

This calendar has been tweaked more than the cheek of a toddler at his Bubbe's house and it still needs a bit more work. Disregard all previous legal notices until it is fixed.

--Bernice Paglia


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