Sunday, February 08, 2009

Legislators Hit the Road

Fourth Ward residents will get a close-up look at the governing body in action when the first of four neighborhood City Council meetings takes place Monday (Feb.9, 2009) at Washington Community School.

Those who attend will get the lowdown on the state of the budget and what’s up with the roads, the possible addition of a Verizon FIOS local channel in addition to Comcast’s Channel 74 and why the city needs an information technology director.

These are among discussion items at the agenda-fixing session. The council will also ponder several resolutions and ordinances that may then be put up for a vote at the Feb. 17 regular meeting. Some, like change orders for construction work, are fairly routine, but the council will also decide on whether to ask for $6,000 in Urban Enterprise Zone funds for downtown music and another $7,600 to support a Golden Gloves boxing program.

The ongoing Bryant Park pre-fab potty placement problem may not be as compelling to Fourth Warders as it is to those in the Second Ward, but it has been causing talk for months now. The council is now being asked to increase the cost from $187,895 to $213,220, mostly grant-funded.

Newcomers to council meetings will find out you have to hang around until the end in order to comment on the doings. FYI, you have to give your name and address, you get five minutes and you may turn up on Channel 74, now that meetings are recorded for viewing, so be prepared to put your best citizen game face on.

--Bernice Paglia


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