Sunday, May 17, 2009

New BOE Titles Looming

Seven new job titles up for Board of Education approval Tuesday recall the wholesale shifts of titles a year ago.

The business meeting is 7 p.m. in the administration building at 1200 Myrtle Avenue. The agenda is posted on the district web site.

The school board abolished more than 40 job titles in May 2008 and approved nearly 40 new ones. The stated goal for the current new titles is to "improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the district and school operations" by achieving greater alignment with district goals and objectives. (See text on page 7 of the agenda for full language).

Only titles are up for approval Tuesday, not personnel assignments.

One new title is "Coordinator, Information Technology & Support Services," in contrast to the 2008 title of "Director, Information Technology & Support Services," filled last year by Chris Payne at a salary of $118,680. This title was on the 2008 list, but according to my notes was never approved previously.

The new title of "Resource Teacher, Educational Services" recalls the 2008 titles of "Assistant Superintendent , Educational Services" held by Angela Kemp at a salary of $142,750 and "Director, Educational Services," held by Beth Ebler at $134,300. There is also a new title of "VP, Educational Services."

"Coordinator, Public Information & Marketing " appears to be related to the 2008 post of "Coordinator, Community Engagement, Public Information & Marketing" which was assigned to Eric Jones at a salary of $85,940.

"Coordinator, Special Education Programs," may be related to two 2008 titles, "Director, Special Education, Gifted & Psychological Services" and "VP, Special Education, Gifted & Psychological Services ."

"Coordinator, Pupil Progression Services" is a new title that is not specifically reflected on the 2008 roster.

"Coordinator, Administrative Services Operations" echoes the 2008 roster title of "Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services" held by Garnell Bailey at a salary of $149,550.

It is not clear whether the new titles are in addition to past titles or may be supplanting some. Last year, new titles were established in May but not filled until July. All district jobs must be approved within the next couple of months for the 2009-10 school year.

--Bernice Paglia


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