Monday, June 15, 2009

Blogging Woes Continue

I have promised myself breaks when the blog post tally reached 1600 and 1700. Now it has reached 1800 and I am asking myself why I shouldn’t finally take a break.

The other factor is that the new modem has not proved any more reliable than the past one that recently began failing at random intervals. Same scenario and equally annoying. So far I have not called Verizon, because there are too many possible reasons for this problem, ranging from Verizon not wanting to upgrade old systems to squirrels chewing the wires. Bad AOL vibes and global warming have not been excluded.

Maybe Verizon will say I should just get FiOS, as when an AT&T guy told me in 2006 I should just get Verizon when my land line failed.

Move the consumer along to newer systems, that’s the game.

I can remember when there was just “the phone bill,” not $90 for cell phones and $90 more for DSL and land lines. Someone on WNYC today spoke about how food costs have gone way down, while communication costs have gone way up.

Having found three really good books today at the Plainfield Public Library, my temptation is to drop back to reading books.

But no, dear readers, I will probably keep on keeping on with reports of municipal and redevelopment issues, along with the occasional garden report and update on Mousie.

The local blogosphere has been getting a bit thin lately. I hope new bloggers will come forward to fill in the gaps and open new portals of thinking. We need a lot of voices and information on the issues that are affecting our city. I look forward to these voices. (Wait, won’t hearing voices get me sent to some remote hospital in Central Jersey? Never mind.)

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't worry--if the voices you are hearing are telling you to go save France and crown the Dauphin, you can at least get a trip to France!


10:15 AM  

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