Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Color on a Gray Day

These Sundrops create their own sunshine! They are the progeny of some plants from the yard of former Plainfielder Mahendra Budhan, who had a lovely garden in addition to being a fervent promoter of the local cricket club that meets in Cedar Brook Park.

Magenta Lychnis catches the eye and is all the more striking for the contrast of its gray-green foliage. We have lots and lots of this plant in a back border.

These lilies are a bit Halloween-y and they always remind me that I never got around to ordering the mixed pastel Asiatic lilies that I admire every time the Fall bulb catalogues come around.
No matter what else is going on, a garden is always a pleasant distraction. I do believe those theories that say a garden is good for one's physical and emotional health. Hope you enjoy these sights as much as I do!


Blogger Rob said...

Love your garden gardening and landscaping work has become my meditation.

6:51 AM  

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