Saturday, June 06, 2009

West Eighth Street Repairs Near Completion

In April, Maria and I saw road repairs being done on West Eighth Street down by Hubbard Middle School. Last week, workers reached Park Avenue.

On a 6-Year Capital Improvement Plan drafted in 2004 by Schoor DePalma engineers, this work was listed as Year 2 and was to have taken place in the 2006 calendar year. All the roads listed had been found to be in "very poor" condition. Possibly to disguise the time lapse, Year 2 is now being called Phase II.

The work was to be done in two parts, from the city limits to Central Avenue and from Central Avenue to Park Avenue.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is next Bernice? Leland Avenue, 9th Street, Evergreen Ave near the high school area, Fernwood, Stelle, Front St? Is there a list of the priorities? My street had a bunch of gravelly asphalt dropped into holes 2 weeks before the election, and it already has come back up, leaving craters. I would hate to think that the work was only being done for election time, but if the rest of the roads don't see improvement, what else am I to make of it.

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