Monday, August 03, 2009

Read the Fine Print

The full text of the tax abatement ordinance may be seen here.

Anyone interested in this issue should read it closely. For one thing, the entity involved is listed as P&F Management LLC and also as P&L Management LLC. The 63 condos are described as being over "commercial space" instead of the senior center. The ordinance authorizes a five-year tax abatement "to be negotiated and prepared" between the city and the management company, although the verbal proposal at the July 20 meeting was for condo owners to pay just 40 percent of city taxes.

The ordinance says once the agreement is negotiated, it will go back to the City Council for approval "to authorize execution of same by the Mayor and City Clerk."

Thanks to the New Jersey Press Association, you can print out this legal notice for future reference, if you don't feel like clipping the really fine-print one in the newspaper.

Plaintalker attempted last month to call attention to the anomaly of two different names for the management company, a typo no doubt, but still a bit sloppy for a legal notice. Unfortunately, it was carried over to the publication.

--Bernice Paglia


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