Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Sale Saturday

As I was leaving a meeting last Thursday in one of the Plainfield Public Library's downstairs meeting rooms, I noted the increasing array of books and other material around the pool.

A flier filled in the details: The Book Sale is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
I saw lots of books, and I can also mention that my son donated 53 Musician and Guitar Player magazines from the 1980s, for all you fans and collectors out there. In addition, he donated 36 vinyl albums with an eclectic range of artists from Taj Mahal to Ravi Shankar and all points in between.
Our household is in what museums call the "de-accessioning" mode, sort of like your mother throwing out your comic books in the 1940s. There may be similar regret over the losses, but with stuff there are only two options: pare down or buy more containers for the stuff.
Anyway, with the recorded music, Michael has, along with many others, replicated the vinyl collection on cassettes and the cassettes on CDs, so it's not like the music is gone forever, like my Nancy and Sluggo comics. And although the stuff is reduced for us, is just now becoming available to traditionalists who want to see the album covers and liner notes.
Please come out, browse and purchase, even if in the spirit of recycling you will donate books back to the library later to raise even more money. And if you are an eBay entrepreneur, you may find the means to make money for yourself.
See you there,


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