Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September's Election Dates

Consulting Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi's "2009 Election Dates" brochure, one sees some interesting items for September.
Friday is the last day for an independent candidate to withdraw from the General Election ballot and Sept. 10 is the last day to fill a vacancy for an independent candidate. There is one independent candidate for mayor, Deborah Dowe.
Last year, Dowe ran as a Republican for the Citywide at-large City Council seat, but dropped out in September. The Republican Municipal Committee named no replacement by a Sept. 17 deadline, leaving Democratic primary winner Annie McWilliams unopposed in the 2008 General Election.
For 2009, Sept. 14 is the last day for a candidate nominated at the Primary Election to withdraw from the General Election. Primary winners were incumbent Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Fourth Ward candidate Bridget Rivers. If either withdraws, the Regular Democratic Organization will have until Sept. 18 to fill the vacancy.
Robinson-Briggs won out over five challengers in the June primary and as of now, faces Dowe and Republican James Pivnichny in the General Election. Click here to see the primary results.
Rivers, currently president of the Plainfield Board of Education, beat the Democratic Party's choice, Vera Greaves, by six votes. Although she opposed the party, by dint of winning Rivers became the Regular Democratic Organization's nominee for the Nov. 3 General Election. If she withdraws, the party gets to name her replacement.
Also according to the brochure, Oct. 13 will be the last day to register to vote in the Nov. 3 General Election.
--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prediction for November 4: Governor-elect Christie. Reason?

The Democrats aren't enthused about Corzine. Not even the base feels that he would do a good job, since he's shown himself to be completely beholden to the county bosses like Lesniak, DeFillippo and Norcross. The machines in Hudson County and Essex County have been hurt by corruption and ballot tampering scandals to the point that they will have trouble energizing the base. And Union County with the new ballot tampering charges against the Roselle council president, the indictment assemblyman Neil Cohen and Union County democratic campaign treasurer McGlave, the continuing investigation of Charlotte DeFillippo, the closing of Muhlenberg hospital and the hundreds of lost jobs, Jerry Green's Union County Improvement Authority land deal and the Alman Group conflict of interest, Linda Stender's low ratings and refusal to even discuss her part in the Muhlenberg mess, the mayor's blithe ignoring of issues affecting Plainfield,the high unemployment, the ethics problems among elected officials. Who wants to come out and vote for these people?

Prediction for November 4: Governor-elect Christie

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