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1. "Officially on the job" v. UNOFFICIALLY influencing school adminstration is a notion to be explored, I am certain.

2. Although there are several "then-board members" that could be looked at, it is not that simple a task to decide whom to "throw out." Voting records are very important are public statements (Those Like Adbul-Haqq's) that even scrutinized colleagues and self. a bold move from a brave man and a great favor that, sadly, was not returned by the teacher's union when it came to endorsing candidates. Let's hope the teachers learned from their mistake.
3. Considering known juxtapositions and adversarial posture on various issues can be very telling in cases like this, It can provide integrity when formulating theory and opinion as to what "evil-doers" reside on the board.
4. Not only should we take a close collective look at QSAC but also CAPA and The 2007 Audit. There are some very telling (and regrettable) facts, like unexplained expendatures and administrative incompetence gone unchecked. But more importantly, we need to question the possibilty of "romanticism" with a local media and state and county authorities that seems to keep those LIKE Dr. Gallon and the board members insulated from the real consequences. You just don't know abuse like the abused until the abuser enters your home! Remember stories of Anne Frank and of Kunta Kinte. And learn well...not to sleep as the rooster crows.

Bottom line? (one of many, I'm sure) A thorough and a-political investigation must be undertaken and the corrective measures so needed by Plainfield students must be done on even the state level. Corruption and incompetence are crippling the opportunities of Plainfield youth!

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thanks bernice,for the lovely vase of nasturtiums,i found on my back porch this afternoon.

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Dear 7:27 p.m., I think you meant to comment on another post.
To 7:56 p.m. (my neighbor), you're welcome!

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Hey Bernice -- email me how to input the slide show...I can not friggin get it!!!

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Blogger Bernice said...

Not sure what you mean. Where do you want it to go? I always have trouble with these links and may not be of any help anyway.

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