Friday, October 02, 2009

Irony is Lost

Plainfield's anonymous blogger is shocked! Shocked, I say, that Bo Vastine alludes to "the Mayor and his administration." But ever since June 2005, people in grocery lines, on the bus or practically anywhere else were rolling their eyes and saying,"Well, you know who the real mayor is."

Despite the elected mayor's efforts to claim her seat independently, the general public still perceives JG to be the power behind the throne in the Queen City. Plainfield's special charter forbids dual office-holding, so unlike a great number of state legislators, JG cannot also be a mayor as well as a member of the Assembly. Call them cynical, but many residents here see the word "mentor" and read it as "mayor" when they see JG sitting in on cabinet meetings and generally steering the course of things in Plainfield.

So most likely Bo's reference was ironical, if not just a typo. Double-dipping and even triple-dipping in the public trough is New Jersey's favorite political sport and poor JG is sidelined by the city's special charter. Sad but true.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get better and better blogging. I love it - keep it up.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's totally embarrassing to read TSB/JG/whoever correcting someone else's grammar. It's like a barroom mud wrestler pointing out a single dirty fingernail on a nun.

Saints preserve us!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Bo Vastine said...

Thank you Bernice...for giving me the benefit of the doubt...but sadly it wasn't a typo.

It is the unfortunate, but true, state of this current Plainfield administration.

Bo Vastine

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green has had total control over this administration from the day Robinson-Briggs was elected. Total control. She doesn't show up at any event unless her gives the go-ahead. If he tells her not to show up at something, she doesn't show up. We all know that she doesn't have any other job, so she's not doing anything else except "not" governing the city. How is it that she can't respond to requests for information by residents and taxpayers when she's at city hall 9-5? Or is she? Since Green has had control, you can see how he has enriched all his political donors. He's still crying over losing his lucrative no show $50,000 from Alman group. His idea of running the city sounds more like looting. And then he makes race-baiting comments designed to show himself as a reformer who is out to make sure that blacks remain empowered. All along, he's the one keeping us down and keeping Plainfield as the "plantation" town in Union County. He has no leadership skills, which is why so many people found it amusing that he would say that he was in contention for the assembly speaker's job. Well we see that it's going to someone who has less than one-third the time in as assembly rep as Green. What did they really think in Trenton when they read Jerry's blog about how he was in the running for speaker? As mayor or mentor, he has done a horrible job of keeping Plainfield progressing. The Monarch is only the latest in a years-long series of spectacular episodes of incompetence for him. The word is that he and Stender will be leaving the assembly in mid-term next year so they can replace them with two people who can then run as incumbents in 2011. Well in that case, he will be eligible to become mayor. What happens then? Will Sharon step down and take some more lucrative job in the county?

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 4:07: I don't believe Jerry Green was ever seriously in the running for speaker. A look at's coverage of the question will support that belief. That said, the idea of Mayor Green scares me, but not as much as the idea of a City Administrator Green if he loses and Sharon wins (it's possible). If you ask me, it's time we voted them both out of office.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Wow... per anonymous at 4:07PM and anonymous at would think I had coached them in their writing... KUDOS to you both !!! And Mayor Jerry, make sure you hang Bernice on a cross for having the audacity to point out the obvious about you and your Assistant Mayor Sharon. I don't know about anyone else, but if she had an ounce of pride or self respect she would bow out and claim some "mysterious illness" or "family reason" and walk away thinking "lesson learned " with being Jerry's lap dog. Girl how do you look in the mirror in the morning????

7:50 PM  

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