Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keyboard: FAIL

Goblins invaded my computer system in the early a.m. First I found out the keyboard wasn't working, then the mouse wouldn't work. Some crawling around behind the computer desk allowed me to fix the mouse, but the keyboard could not be coaxed into life.

My computer desk has an unfortunate feature, a panel behind the tower cubby that turns one into a contortionist to deal with the plugs or whatever those things are called. I have been dawdling over plans to create a better set-up, but not even daughter Audrey's excellent example of a laptop and a "paperless office" have spurred my ambitions to the point of execution.

In my fevered dreams after being unable to blog, somebody came and fixed things one-two-three, but in real life it won't be so easy. So if the blog is dark over the weekend, now you know why.

On Friday, I checked with the Tax Assessor's office and unless the state buys the building at 110 East Fifth Street, it will not be exempt. As I understand it, the Division of Developmental Disabilities will lease from Paramount Assets. A better question about state offices would be how much rent does the exempt Union County Improvement Authority collect from governmental tenants in its so-far unnamed building at Park Madison? Where does the rent roll go? Can an authority make a profit? In the back of Book II of all properties, there is an exempt list, but governmental offices are lumped in with "other," as opposed to school, religious or public utility properties.

Paramount bought the East Fifth Srtreet property from Kings Temple Ministries in 2006 for $390,000, which had previously purchased it for $250,000. It was an abandoned car dealership and its assessed valuation is only $50,000. Once it is occupied, the value of the renovations will kick in.

My time on this library computer is running out fast, so I will say goodbye for now. Publication of comments may take a while, so have patience.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tax update Bernice. Good to know we are not going to be screwed out of our tax dollars yet again.

12:43 PM  

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