Saturday, December 05, 2009

BOE Vacancy Soon To Be Filled?

Friday was the deadline for filing petitions for the school board vacancy created by the resignation of Bridget Rivers, but due to household complications, I missed getting the names of filers.

Those who filed had to agree to be interviewed on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Members of the Board of Education will then choose the person to fill the vacancy until the April school board election.

Rivers won the Fourth Ward City Council seat in the November 3 general election. She stepped down from the presidency of the school board and resigned (Correction: effective Dec. 16) last month. Agurs Linward Cathcart Jr. is the new school board president and will serve until the annual reorganization in April.

In April, three three-year terms and one one-year unexpired term will up for election. The fullterm incumbents are Christian Estevez, Wilma Campbell and Martin Cox.

--Bernice Paglia


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