Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auxiliary Police Coming Back?

Auxiliary police officers seek appointment in September 2008.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has offered 14 names for appointment as auxiliary police officers.
Once a strong volunteer adjunct to the Police Division, the group has dwindled and in recent years no appointments were made. In Sept. 2008, former members appeared at a City Council meeting to ask for reactivation.
From Plaintalker's Sept 15, 2008 report:

In previous years, a roster of auxiliary police was presented at the annual reorganization meeting and usually all got approved. At present, the group claims 40 years of service. But membership is down from 54 to 17, Sgt. Robert Gilliom said.The group presented informational packets to the council to bolster their request for more consideration.The auxiliary police are all volunteers and have many police responsibilities, but receive no compensation for their contribution to the community.
The Auxiliary Police are not part of the Police Division and must be reappointed annually. A look into the Municipal Codes did not reveal whether the mayoral appointment is sufficient or whether the City Council must confirm the nominees.
--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say the auxiliary officers receive no pay. They also are NOT placed into the pension system, right? I am all for a volunteer auxiliary officer, as long as it doesn't cost taxpayers any money. Who pays if they get hurt while on the job and don't have health insurance? The city? As you can see I am very concerned with the cost and the liability.

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