Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pigeon Patrol

Even though my eyes were tearing from the extreme cold Tuesday, I spotted a familiar raptor on the railroad embankment by the parking lot across from the train station.

This hawk and his kin are constantly soaring around, looking for pigeons. Any time you see a pile of feathers anywhere from Front Street to Seventh Street, you can bet a hawk has swooped down on its prey.
Later on, the same hawk was patrolling my block, Block 832 on East Seventh Street, for more unsuspecting pigeons.
Plainfield has a surprising amount of wildlife for an urban center. I am always interested to see a hawk or some scurrying creature doing its best to live among the humans.


Anonymous C.S. said...

A few of my wildlife sightings:

1. One morning I was leaving the house and couldn't figure out why the squirrels and birds were so noisy. I looked up and on my neighbors roof there were 3 turkey vultures just sitting there.

2. I was at the corner of Stelle and Grant and looked to my right, there was a hawk eating something large and brown (i can only say it wasn't anything domesticated) and in line next was a turkey vulture and then a crow.

3. I was driving up Hillside when I saw two turkey vultures in the road. I didn't see any roadkill, but the closer I got, I saw that they were following a lady who was walking 2 chihuahuas and she was enjoying the sight of the two large birds. For some reason, I don't believe the dogs were too thrilled (go figure).

4. I was sitting at the light on the corner of Woodland and Watchung, looked to my left and there was a deer standing in the street staring at me, staring at him. When the light turned green he got out of the road.

5. I was pulling in front of my house and wondered what my neighbor was doing. When I got out of my car with my children I saw a very large hawk feeding on a squirrel in his front yard.

Oh, to be in Plainfield......

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its the sign, Hawks and Vultures picking on the old and smaller animals just like the political machine picking at the residents and employees

8:16 AM  

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