Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladybug Makes A Housecall

My plants grown from cuttings taken last fall were holding up well until this week, when I noticed an invasion of spider mites on some of the double pink Impatiens. I was spraying one plant to knock the tiny bugs off when I noticed a ladybug that was also out after the spider mites.
Plainfielders may recall the swarming of ladybugs inside and outside their homes during a spell of warm weather in autumn. I wish I had a few dozen more now to help the lone ladybug on patrol.

Spider mites can destroy house plants. It's good practice to check under the leaves for little speck-like bugs. By the time they start making webs, it's a lot harder to get rid of them.

There are still about 12 to 14 weeks at the earliest before anything can go outside. It's always tricky to grow these indoor crops, but once they get outside, they take off fast and provide a lot of garden beauty.



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