Monday, February 08, 2010

Early Departure Explained

Monday started out kind of nice, but in late afternoon my neighbor reported there were three guys outside in Lot 7 plotting mischief directed at my second floor apartment. I called the cops, who duly investigated and took one guy away in handcuffs.

The recent crime reports about armed robberies and other crimes have made me wary of walking to and from meetings at City Hall and Municipal Court. It never bothered me before, although people said it should have.

Anyway, I got some news and look forward to getting more, but paranoia took over tonight and I am now home to report on issues that came up at the council meeting before I got all antsy.



Blogger Jackie said...

PLEASE be careful. We seem to have an influx of new young thugs in town. The police seem to be doing their best to catch them. But it seems this bunch isn't just out to get each other (gang-related) or going after drunks.

BTW - Get a PayPal link up! Please let your readers treat you to some cab rides home from late meetings ... even when they're only a few blocks away. If you have any questions about PayPal donations or related, feel free to email me.

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