Monday, February 08, 2010

PMUA Rate Changes Up Tonight

The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority rate hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight at 127 Roosevelt Avenue. This year, the rates were published in advance of the meeting. As usual, the Dump PMUA group has done an excellent job of bringing forth information on the authority's finances so ratepayers can see how their money is being used.

Because the meeting was rescheduled from Jan. 19 to the same night as a regular City Council meeting, Plaintalker may not be able to get to both. The council meeting may yield important news for taxpayers. I'm told there will be a presentation by the Citizens' Budget Advisory Committee and budget amendments may be introduced. It is unfortunate that the meetings now coincide, although the council meeting is at 8 p.m.

Please bookmark the Dump PMUA web site for ongoing updates on reforms that the group has achieved or is seeking on behalf of ratepayers. The PMUA web site does not seem to be up to date.

Here is the proposed rate schedule:

Proposed Solid Waste Rate Changes - Effective 4/1/10

Low Density Residential
Current Rate Per Lot $110.92 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 106.37 / Quarter

Current Rate Per Household $ 80.52 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 93.01 /Quarter

Shared System Services Fee
Current Rate Per Lot $ 30.37 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 35.07 / Quarter

Current Rate Per Household $ 32.86 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 16.06 /Quarter

High Density Residential, Commercial, Industrial Container Service
Current Rate Disposal Fee $100.55 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 109.98 / Quarter

Current Rate Collection Fee $230.88 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 223.77 / Quarter

Proposed Sanitary Sewer Rate Changes - Effective 4/1/10
Vacant Lot Service Fee
Current Rate Per Lot $ 58.00 / Quarter
Proposed Rate $ 0.00 / Quarter

From the legal notice:
"The proposed rate changes will be effective April 1, 2010. All other fees, rates and charges remain unchanged. The Authority shall provide evidence at the hearing showing that the proposed adjustment is necessary and reasonable and shall provide the opportunity for cross-examination on such evidence. A transcript of the hearing shall be made and a copy thereof shall be available upon request to any interested party upon payment of a reasonable fee. The Rate Hearing is open to all members of the public."

According to Philip Charles of Dump PMUA, there will also be a budget presentation at the PMUA meeting.

This is the month when the PMUA reorganizes, naming a chairman and officers for the year as well as designating official banks and newspapers. The annual schedule for 2010 calls for a meeting on Feb. 16, but meetings are often rescheduled. Check Dump PMUA or call (908) 226-2518 to confirm. There are several vacancies on the PMUA board of commissioners. Plaintalker will check tonight's City Council agenda for appointments to the board.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid waste rates to increase 4% for 2010 beginning April 1, 2010. This includes the shared service charges for city owned properties and health department directed abatements. Vacant land sewer charges have been eliminated. Budgets for administrative side of sewer and solid waste are set to increase from $4.3 million to $5.0 million.

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