Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Buggy

Not only are last summer's Stink Bugs still showing up in homes, the Leaf-Legged Bug is also around.

I found two in recent days, one in a window curtain right over my bed.

I now have a kit consisting of a plastic cup and a popsicle stick, the latter to pitch the bug into the cup for a "burial at sea" in the toilet bowl.

The Leaf-legged Bug is slimmer than the Stink Bug and has appendages on its rear legs that look like leaves.

Click here for more on the Leaf-Legged Bug.

Our tally for Stink Bugs is three this week. Anyone else having this problem?



Blogger Randy Schaeffer said...

Bernice -- me too. We've had to flush 8 of them so far this season. One, I found walking across the keyboard of my laptop. They certainly are appropriately named. Why are they so much more prevalent? Global warming?

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Bernice,

There was one on the ceiling in my upstairs bathroom yesterday! I hate killing bugs, and usually put them outside, but given the weather, this one had to be buried at sea as well! So far, it's the only one I have seen in my home.


P.S. I got this bit of info from a Star-Ledger article from last fall, in re stinkbugs, which apparently first made their appearance here in 1996:

"Here’s the good news: They don’t reproduce indoors and they don’t feed on much of anything. They can’t bite, lacking mouth parts, but if you mess with them, they might try to stab you with the same sharp proboscis they use to pierce fruit and suck plant juices. They can’t be poisonous, either, since the Vietnamese actually treat them as ingredients in their cuisine — crunchy-fried, like popcorn. Mmmm."

12:21 AM  
Blogger Randy Schaeffer said...

(I was kidding about the global warming)

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

according to my exterminator, the are coming to us from the western part of the state since all the farmlands and wooded areas are being cleared for more and more houses. he said they are harmless, but it's tough to get rid of them. he sprays the entire outside of the house to try to prevent them from getting inside. he says they don't bite and are harmless but are just a big nuisance. be aware, they can fly and oh yea, i found one in my pants once, while i was in them. talk about dropping them like it's hot.LOL

4:09 PM  

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