Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hearing news of Rosalyn Brock becoming the youngest NAACP board chair and also learning of the “Yes We Count“ campaign, Plaintalker reached out to Peter R. Briggs, president of the Plainfield Area Unit, to get his views and an update.

On the Yes We Count campaign: “The Plainfield Area Unit is actively working in two vital ways with the Yes We Count Campaign. We are actively recruiting people to take the examination to become workers with Census 2010. Our branch has recognized that employment in our area is a critical problem in and around our city, so we are actively searching for employment opportunities for those who are in need of a job. These employment opportunities are being sought in the Census 2010 and also in the Tunnel Project in NJ. Secondly, our branch is in contact with local schools and houses of worship in connection with Census 2010 to actively and effectively influence the actual count. We have been for the last year promoting making sure that each household is counted. George Gore is currently running our Census 2010 campaign here in the city and surrounding areas.”

On Rosalyn Brock: “Rosalyn Brock, a personal friend of my cousin, is a trend that I would like to see for the NAACP for the next 100 years. Ms. Brock represents the turnover from the old guard to the next generation and the civil rights struggle. For quite some time we have been promoting our youth and the training of our youth to run this organization. The Plainfield Area Youth Chapter is once again active and making strides towards increasing their membership and participation. We all recognize the hard work of the past, but there is a time when we all need to recognize the youth and give them the opportunities to guide the direction of the organization.”

More from Peter R. Briggs:

- Information on the Plainfield Area Branch can be found at

- "Also, we have our annual Black History Month, Middle School Overachievers Program on Thursday, February 25, 2010 6:30 pm, Washington Community School, 427 Darrow Avenue, Plainfield."

- "In addition, Plainfield NAACP will be the host city for the NJ State Conference of NAACP Branches for the calendar year 2010. The first meeting will be held at First Park Baptist Church, 315 West 7th Street, Plainfield on March 6, 2010."

Plaintalker encourages residents to catch up with the Plainfield Branch. The next meeting is Sunday, Feb. 28. Details are on the Plainfield Branch web site, along with much more information. Thanks to Peter for responding to our inquiry.



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