Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ah, Spring!

OK, so it's not officially Spring yet. But opening the windows in this warm spell gives a preview of the season - and a couple of things we forgot over the long, cold winter.

Living on a busy street means hearing lots of sounds: Sirens of fire engines , police cars and ambulances, music blasting out of cars and one special racket that is sometimes called Jake Brakes, but the company of the same name would rather have you call it something else. Click on the link to find out why trucks with these brakes and proper mufflers make no more noise than other systems. The company has audio clips that compare the properly-equipped trucks' noise with that of trucks lacking mufflers. The latter noise is terrible and some towns even have signs banning trucks with such brakes, a very touchy issue with the company.

All year round we have garbage trucks making the rounds at 4:30 a.m., lifting up Dumpsters and then banging them on the truck a few times to empty the contents. With the windows open to the street, this noise is enough to wake a person out of a sound sleep.

Yesterday I heard a sound that I just couldn't place. It turned out to be a power washer truck in Municipal Lot 7, where a bunch of guys were washing and detailing two cars. The musical accompaniment brings us to another spring and summer issue. I listen to the radio on earphones, but it seems to be a macho thing to clean one's car while treating the whole neighborhood to one's taste in music.

But enough carping. Here's a good thing: Our resident mockingbird has already begun his nocturnal caroling, and after the garbage truck wakes me up in the pre-dawn hours, I can now hear a chorus of robins and other songbirds celebrating the advent of another beautiful day. Ah, Spring!



Blogger Rob said...

WOW ! And I thought I woke up early today Bernice!
I have always chuckled at the "loud music" so everyone can hear it whether they want to or not...I chuckle because I am bad like that when I drive my car...yes, windows down and everything. Just no bass booming like is the trend now.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I feel spring in the air, too, Bernice. I took a drive up to the reservation yesterday afternoon to clear my head (grading papers is exhausting!). I went for a stroll through the Deserted Village, and stopped at the Revolutionary War cemetery up there. I sat and watched a squirrel for about 30 minutes. A great pre-spring day!


6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spring is here time for the Spring Cleaning so lets start with City Hall and City Council tis election year for some

5:43 AM  

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