Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on North Avenue

North Avenue was open on Sunday and taxis were at their usual spot next to the train station as the building demolition moved into final cleanup mode.

This wall from the building to the left of the demolished one has a solid wall that will just require removal of adjacent bricks at the rear.

But this wall on the right is a party wall, meaning it was joined to the next building, and it will require extra work to seal it off. Business owner Ivette Rovayo was on the alert Sunday for leaks from the roof in the building next to the demolition site.

The site has been fenced off at front and rear. Debris must still be removed from the basement.

The future of the site, which is directly across from the main train station, is not known at this time.


Blogger Rob said...

Is funny regarding this building Bernice. When discussing this with one of the members of the city -- not sure if zoning/planning, what have you. Someone had mentioned this building. The response was the city had been trying to contact the owner unsuccessfully for the longest time. When I asked why the city didn't fix the problem ( the taxes were being paid etc etc ) and charge the owner back it was said that you can't do that. So, I responded, so we have the legal right to mow a lawn on a vacant property but we can fix the roof for public safety reasons and charge the owner back on their taxes or a lien ??
No one was thinking outside the box on this one.
- This is endemic of a administration PAST AND PRESENT, where your thought process is being motivated by fear. Had the thought process been the good of the city and the people: That roof would had been fixed and the building still standing. Now the landowner, who no one can find, has a prime vacant piece of real estate for god knows what visual nightmare that might be constructed on that site.
- We lost a piece of our architectural history because people are afraid to act. This is not government serving the people. Again -- past and present.
So to sum it since I am so long winded:
Plainfield, we'll mow your lawn, but if you building is about to collapse into the street we'll watch it happen slowly.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

massage parlor?

6:12 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

The city itself owned the first building on the block to collapse, the one at Gavett Place & North Avenue. The roof caved in and it had to be demolished. Oveter's did that job, too.

8:10 AM  

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