Monday, April 12, 2010

BOA Approves 25 Apartments

Corrections: The approval was for a use variance only. The applicant must return for site plan approval. Apartments are permitted, but not at the density proposed, therefore the need for a variance.

Not only did I miss the Feb. 20 legal notice about a proposal to build 25 apartments on South Avenue, I missed last week's Board of Adjustment meeting where it was approved.

TJC & BVR LLC received approval for the 25 two-bedroom apartments with 38 parking spaces at 916-926 South Avenue. The "Netherwood Pointe" project is in a mixed-use zone where residential uses are not permitted, thus the need for a variance. The site is a former nursery.

Despite the view that the city has too many renters, several recent proposals for apartments have received approvals from the land use boards. They include four separate projects on Park Avenue and one on West Front Street. A proposal for 100 apartments on the PNC Bank block has also been floated, but the developer has not yet applied to land use boards.

At the same meeting Wednesday, the Barack Obama Green Charter School received approval to locate in the Boys & Girls Club building on West Seventh Street. Click here for Plaintalker's report from last month.



Anonymous Alan Goldstein said...

There's nothing wrong with renters or apartments. What's wrong is not attracting businesses that offer good-paying skilled jobs, and developement that is geared to slapping up more housing.

Plainfield needs a solid commercial underpinning that is not retail-based. At best, additional housing may come with a few storefronts, but this is not where our priorities ought to be. We should take extra care that development complements the community and does not undermine it by adding to our imbalances.

10:41 AM  

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