Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mercury Retrograde

Communication is affected when Mercury is retrograde.

In memory of the late Pepsi Charles, I am noting an astrological condition that she felt was significant. Whether it was a projector that wouldn't work while a roomful of people waited or just a phenomenal mixup in communications, Pepsi would attribute the lapse to Mercury being retrograde.
She would have understood the current air travel shutdowns in that context, because the condition affects transportation.
So let us agree with Pepsi that sometimes there are unseen forces that can affect our daily life and we just have to accept them or work around them. For one explanation of Mercury retrograde, click here.
I miss Pepsi and her outlook on life. She was attuned both to worldly and other-worldly influences like no one else I knew. She herself was a great communicator, as a WBAI programmer and as a friend and colleague to many in Plainfield. I never once saw her try to do emotional harm to another person. I wonder what she would make of the vitriol that passes for public discourse these days.
Pepsi didn't say goodbye, she said, "Peace."


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