Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go See Mattson Exhibit

If you were not among people who attended Saturday's reception for the Jean Mattson photography exhibit at the Plainfield Public Library, you still have until June 30 to see it. The exhibit will be open to the public during library hours until that date.

The reception coincided with Jean's 83rd birthday and those present sang "Happy Birthday" and shared a cake.

Asked to say a few words, Jean described her amazement when she saw her first photo develop.

"Photography really represents to me the best thing I did in my life," she said.

The exhibit includes photos taken in Ireland and a large number of informal portraits of Plainfielders. Longtime residents will recognize the names: Mills Barnes, Anne Louise Davis, Freeman Whetstone, Ruth Dobson, Victor King, Dr. Merton Griswold and Mary Vic, O'Celia Nevels, Malcolm and Flora Dunn, Julia Russell, Harry Ailster, Nellie Dixon, Mayor Paul O'Keeffe,, Barbara Sandford, Oliver Anderson, Westry Horne and a group shot with Dan Damon, Nancy Piwowar and Sonny Wood.

If you go soon, you can enjoy the library's beautiful cherry blossoms, an annual spectacle worth taking time to see.

The masses of flowers send pink drifts of petals down before all the foliage emerges.
The library is also facing deep cuts that will affect services. Learn more and let your legislators know how much you value the library.


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