Monday, May 03, 2010

North Avenue on Agenda Monday

Of all the items on Monday's City Council agenda, the one that interests me especially is an ordinance "to amend and supplement the North Avenue Redevelopment Plan."

Click here to see the entire agenda.

Until I visit City Hall Monday to look at the ordinance, I will not know the details. The original redevelopment plan for North Avenue was to maintain the historic character of the district while building taller, modern residential structures behind them. So far, the developer has not acquired any of the North Avenue buildings, but has acquired some in what is known as the North Avenue expansion, on the block anchored by PNC Bank. He has also acquired two buildings on East Second Street.

Meanwhile, one of the most prominent buildings in the streetscape across from the main train station on North Avenue has been demolished.

Work has been spotty or nonexistent on buildings acquired by the developer on East Second Street and Park Avenue. It would be good to get an update on all of the Landmark subsidiaries' projects.
There are three other ordinances up for first reading, two of which are inscrutable just from the summary on the agenda. With any luck, they will also be available Monday, although Olddoc is correct in saying that the City Clerk's office is in dire straits lately.


Blogger Rob said...

if an honest and blunt conversation were had about the North Avenue block I think it might be an interesting meeting. Key word: IF. I am sure it's going to be another "pie in the sky" concept representation with no conversations had about how the city failed the historic nature of the city by not enforcing it's own zoning and safety regulations. But, I too like to be surprised...let's see if any one of the Council can step to the plate and start demanding that the responsible parties for allowing neglect to continue are put in the spotlight.

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