Thursday, August 25, 2005

A list of Plainfield's agencies, boards and commissions

The City of Plainfield has established many agencies, boards and commissions that provide public oversight and guidance for the complex operations of the city. The Plaintalker has compiled a list of these entities, however readers should keep in mind that this is a condensed overview extracted from the 32-pages of documents we received from the City Clerk's office last week


Auxiliary Police Officers : There are 27 individuals currently listed, terms expire 12/31/05

Beautification Committee, can have up to 40 members concurrent with term of mayor. Six members, all terms expired. Having the most potential members, this committee currently has the highest number of vacant seats.

Citizens Advisory Committee: Can have 14 citizen members out of 31, only two listed.

Board of Adjustment: Seven residents, two terms expire Jan. 1.

Cultural & Heritage Commission: Can have 20 members, has 14 members, six terms expire Jan. 1.

Emergency Management Council: City staff only.

Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Two council designees, both terms expire Jan. 1.

Health Advisory Council: Seven vacancies, no new names since 1996.

Historic Preservation Commission: Nine regular members, two alternates, direct mayoral appointments. List is unclear, duplicate names; one vacancy .

Housing Authority: Seven members, five appointed by council, one by mayor, one by state. Mayoral appointment and one council appointment expire in July 2006.

Human Relations Commission: Nine citizens, all terms expired.

Independence Day Committee: Nine members, all terms expired.

Insurance Fund Commission: Staff only.

Local Emergency Management Council: All 19 terms expired 1/1/93. Replaced by Emergency Management Council.

Local Assistance Board: Ordinance must be repealed, Welfare transferred to Union County in 1998.

Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority: Two terms, both expired.

Plainfield Action Services Community Action Board: Fifteen seats listed, 12 expired, three vacant.

Plainfield Cable Television Advisory Committee: Sixteen residents in six classes, including seven citizens. All citizen terms expired.

Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority: Five members, two alternates, one City Council representative. Two terms end in February 2006.

Planning Board: Nine members in four classes, including six citizens. Two terms up Jan. 1.

Plainfield Redevelopment Agency: Disbanded.

Project Alert Advisory Board: Eleven members, all terms expired 1/1/95.

Property Improvement Awards Committee: Inactive.

Public Library Trustees: Seven members, including five citizens. One term expires Sept. 1.

Recreation Advisory Committee: Nine members, six terms expired, three vacancies.

Youth Guidance Council: Seven members. Inactive.

NOTE: The Hispanic Affairs Commission that was newly approved by City Council earlier this year did not appear in the documents we received.

In addition to these official groups, there are a number of ad hoc committees such as the Ten Cities Tree Committee, popularly known as the "Tree Committee. " Such groups may or may not meet on a regular basis, and they do not have official standing at the present time.

The Plaintalker welcomes corrections and additions to this list.

--Bernice Paglia and Barbara Todd Kerr

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