Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cabinet Making 2006

The new administration will need City Council advice and consent for its leaders, including the city administrator and heads of the three departments outlined in the city's special charter: Administration and Finance, Public Affairs and Safety and Public Works and Urban Development.

The selections will show up sooner or later on an agenda, but The Plaintalker decided to go to Predictions 'R' Us and get a crystal ball just to see what could be discerned early.

Well, we know the top spot on the organizational chart will be Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs. Next is the city administrator, and gazing into the ball we saw the image of a former Jersey City business administrator. The name "Carlton McGee" floated into view. Consulting that other mysterious source, Google, we learned that a Carlton McGee resigned in June 2004 shortly after the untimely death of Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham.

Soon after, McGee emerged as chief financial officer of CorpHQ, a business consulting organization based in Redondo Beach, Calif.

It was a little too icy to keep an ear to the ground Saturday, but it may be that McGee was introduced to local politicians and others at a gathering in the city.

A top political figure chortled when The Plaintalker asked about McGee (how did we peep that?) but refused to confirm the choice. An announcement is expected soon, but we just couldn't wait.

--Bernice Paglia

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