Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mayor Offers Nominees

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs did not have to go far for some of her new nominees for boards and commissions.

Two nominees turn out to be employees who sit at the information desk directly across from her City Hall office and another is her husband.

Robinson-Briggs passed out copies of the nominations to City Council members at Monday’s agenda session, but the public was not privy to the last-minute information.
A visit to City Hall today (July 19, 2006) yielded the following list of candidates:

--For the Plainfield Citizens Advisory Committee, former Councilwoman Elizabeth Urquhart. The committee reviews applications for Community Development Block Grants and makes recommendations to Union County officials who make the final cut for the federal funding.

--For the Human Relations Commission, Oliver C. Hubbard, Joan Hervey, Judawn L. Musa and the Rev. Carolyn Eklund. Hubbard works at the new information desk in the rotunda of City Hall, where visitors must now sign in and out. The commission has been defunct for several years. Its previous concerns were race relations and police brutality. It is empowered to have nine citizen members.

--For the Plainfield Youth Commission, Devon Walcott, also working at the information desk. The Youth Commission was established by ordinance in March, providing for 15 members. The mayor has two direct appointments and each council member can recommend a nominee, among other provisions.

--For the Green Brook Flood Control Commission, Eugene L. Dudley, replacing Frank D’Aversa.

--For the Plainfield Cable Advisory Board, Peter R. Briggs as the mayor’s designee; Chris Payne and Dorothy Gutenkauf. The 11-member board is supposed to oversee the workings of the city’s local cable channels, but no members were previously appointed.

While Urquhart and Dudley are nominated for active groups, the rest are new or have been inactive. It would appear that nominees for those boards and commissions will not be enough to raise quorums so that work can be done.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the appointments can speak before they are voted on tonight. The meeting is 8 p.m. in Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Ave.

--Bernice Paglia


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