Saturday, April 14, 2007

WP Representin'

Early Sunday I clicked on the Seattle Times web site to view the results of the annual Peeps contest, in which the famed marshmallow icons are arranged in tableaux.

Alas, only a couple made me laugh out loud. The rest were clever but in my opinion lacked the je ne sais quoi of past Peeps entries.

Imagine my chagrin and surprise at seeing my beloved Northwest Peeps array vanquished in creativity by a first-time challenge in the Washington Post.

Now maybe the WP was not overtly trying to start up an East Coast – West Coast Peeps beef, but you got to admit they had they marshmallow on.

I was torn – I aspire to live out there someday, but this is still my home.

East Coast, West Coast – it’s heavy when it comes to Peeps.




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