Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trade Plants, Save Money

On my way to a charter school Monday for a press assignment, I passed a yard with lots of sundrops. The cheery display reminded me of how glad I was to receive a bunch of these flowers several years ago from former resident Mahendra Budhan. I had admired his garden while on an assignment to discuss the cricket team he led (the one that meets Sundays in Cedar Brook Park).

I forget what I gave him in return from my garden, but it was a good trade. Sundrops can spread into a large colony, but they are easily transplanted to new locations. After flowering, they are best cut down to the rosettes that turn reddish in fall. The late spring show of blooms doesn’t last long, but it’s quite a sight.

Plant trading is fun and saves money. I think it is an ideal way to beautify one’s neighborhood or to acquire new plants at no cost. It requires a bit of planning to make the transfer, but then so does a trip to the nursery to buy plants. Give it a try this summer.


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