Friday, January 04, 2008

Emerson School in Progress

Here are some views of the new Emerson School, which is still awaiting opening. At present, Emerson students are attending class in the swing school at Rock Avenue and West Front Street. The school looks very capacious and has nice landscaping. Grass is growing in patches.

Here's a glimpse into a classroom. All the clocks are set at 12, whether a.m. or p.m. we can't tell.

This amphitheater seating around a flagpole (or whatever it is supposed to be) is an interesting design.

Another view of the flagpole area.

What is the cupola for?

Another entrance to the building at East Third and Emerson Ave.

We couldn't figure out this signage. If this is the ramp, what's up with the steps?

We noted four busted windows on one side of the building. Will vandalism be a problem in the future?
According to the state Schools Development Authority web site, "The school consists of 24 classrooms, a gymnasium, cafetorium, media center and art room. The final design is 66,642 square feet, which accommodates a maximum of 437 students from kindergarten through grade 6." Click here for more information.
I found it quite impressive. It is apparently a bit behind schedule but once it is open, I think it will be a big asset to the community.
--Bernice Paglia


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