Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Howard Gets $30k

The action taken after the Board of Education’s closed session Tuesday (April 29, 2008) turned out to be approval of a payment to former Schools Superintendent Paula Howard for various items.

Plaintalker did not stick around for the board to emerge from the closed session, but Business Administrator/Board Secretary Gary Ottmann said Wednesday the board authorized payment of $30,333.34 to Howard for vacation pay, an annuity and unpaid salary.

Howard abruptly resigned June 6, 2007 and two days later, the school board hired an interim superintendent and a business administrator in an emergency Friday night meeting.

After Howard’s resignation, Interim Superintendent Peter E. Carter received board approval for several dismissals of unqualified administrators and supervisors hired by Howard.

Carter subsequently quit and Interim Superintendent Garnell Bailey took over. The board is now awaiting the July 1 appearance of Steve Gallon III of the Miami-Dade school district as the new permanent superintendent.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BOE is an embarassment to the community. They hire incompetent people. Of course they will screw-up! The BOE is the other institution, entrusted with tax dollars, that has failed the Queen City. Big Time!!

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