Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rainbow and More

After a day of sight-seeing, we had a special treat when a huge rainbow appeared over the neighborhood last night.

Today we visited Fremont and went to the street market, which has handcrafts from local artisans and wares from many countries. The market also has antiques and curiosities for sale. Fueled by freshly-made cinnamon sugar Mini-Donuts, we strolled along with several hundred other browsers and buyers.
Fremont has quirky public art, such as this rocket, a larger-than-life statue of Lenin and a one-eyed troll clutching a real Volkswagen bug under the Fremont Bridge. It also has lots of pricey shops and restaurants for the thousands of tourists it attracts.

Seattle in general derives a lot of revenue from tourism and conventions. The Comic Con was going on and we looked for people downtown dressed as their favorite super-heroes, but didn't spot any.

I will miss the City Council meeting tomorrow - hope some of you go.

--Bernice Paglia


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