Monday, June 30, 2008

Contract Discussion Tonight

On the eve of incoming Superintendent Steve Gallon III’s four-year term, details of his contract will be up for public discussion.

The meeting is 7 p.m. tonight (Monday, June 30, 2008) in the Plainfield High School library.

But for an outcry over another superintendent’s retirement package, Gallon might have taken over without public scrutiny of his contract. Generally, the public has not been privy to contract details nor how one contract compares to the range in other districts. The pact also attracted notice after it was held up because the board had not submitted it for review by County Superintendent Carmen Centuolo.

Maria Pellum obtained the contract and posted it on her blog, The Crescent Times.

Among the details:

Gallon will receive a salary of $198,000 for the year beginning July 1, with raises of not less than 1 percent or not more than 4 percent annually. (If he receives the maximum each year, his salary for the 2011-12 school year would be $222,723.)

In addition, Gallon will receive a car allowance of $350 per month, a cell phone paid for by the district, $10,000 for moving expenses and $6,000 for professional growth.

He will be entitled to 23 vacation days, 12 sick days and all district holidays. Up to five vacation days and all sick days may be carried over, but there is a $15,000 limit on accumulated sick days.

He will receive the same health, dental and life insurance, prescription plan and pension benefits as members of the “Plainfield Administrators Association.” (Maybe PASA?)The district will pay his membership fees in state and national administrators’ associations.

For his part, Gallon must take physical exams and drug tests annually. He can terminate his employment on 60 days’ notice to the district. He will receive an annual evaluation.

The school board may terminate his employment for only three reasons, inefficiency, incapacity or conduct unbecoming a superintendent. Any other reason may leave the board liable for payment. However, the board may terminate employment by written notice if he is absent for 30 consecutive days or more than 45 days out of a 75-day consecutive period, but he can seek board permission for such absences. There are other provisions for death or disability.

Anyone who wants to look at the full contract can view it on Maria’s blog. As far as discussing the contract, the details are already agreed on by both parties, so no changes are likely to be made based on the opinions of members of the public.

According to the Courier News, a “meet and greet” session with Gallon will follow the board meeting..

--Bernice Paglia


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