Sunday, August 10, 2008

Urban Styles Dominate Downtown

Barber Foster "Butch" Webb augments his shop with Nu-Cut Fashions urban wear.

Balloon artist Amparo draws attention to sale items at Maritza Boutique.

Barack Obama's image stands out in a T-shirt display.

Skulls, as on these jean pockets, also appear on chains, belt buckles and lots of other apparel.

Phatish features "urban sexy styles," according to employee Maria Delcid, as she shows off a rack of camisoles.

I was looking for images for the Plainfield Public Library photo contest, but didn't find any that worked for me.

Store after store on the main shopping strip on East Front Street between Park and Watchung avenues features urban streetwear.

Shiny gold or silver overlays on garments are a favorite streetwear detail. I was a fashion anomaly Saturday with my Tom Bihn messenger bag, Orvis travel vest with pockets for camera and cell phone, Gap shirt and jeans and SAS handmade walking shoes. Oh, and the Smith and Hawken hat! Call the fashion police!
--Bernice Paglia


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