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More Wacko Green Math

In his latest blog post Jerry Green attacks mayoral candidate Adrian Mapp. No surprise there, as Green is expected to give incumbent Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs the party line. However, Green's ongoing misstatements of facts can't be overlooked.

Speaking of 2008, when Mapp won over incumbent Don Davis , Green states, "Adrian forgets that He only won that election by 80 votes."

Anyone can look up vote tallies on the Union County clerk's web page. The June 2008 primary results were Mapp, 475; Davis, 372; Lynch, 155. In the November general election results for the Third Ward were Mapp, 3,517; personal choice, 35.

Journalists aren't known for their math skills, but according to my trusty calculator, Mapp beat Davis by 103 votes in the primary. Davis was not on the ballot in November.

"Misinformation, inaccuracy, and hearsay are foreign platforms to my campaign and me," says Green in the same blog post.

Oh, really? BTW, capitalizing "He" is normally reserved for the Lord, who wasn't running for the Third Ward seat.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous ConcernedCitizen said...

Bernice, do the math: there are over 5,000 voters in each ward. For Mapp to have received less than 500 votes in the whole ward, I would be embarrassed to even discuss those numbers. In fact, in some wards, there are more than 500 voters in one district. To highlight the difference of 20 votes, he’s going to need more than your poison pen to win this election. It’s clear as day you are a New Democratic supporter, made obvious since your days as a writer for the Courier News. It’s odd when Mapp can put misinformation on his blog and you say nothing, but then you spend your valuable time trying to figure out ways to attack Mr. Green. There’s nothing that I see that he has said that is wrong. I got involved during the Obama election in the political scene in Plainfield and I saw first-hand how he was able to successfully manage that entire operation.

All the other things that you and Mapp talk about is the biggest joke in New Jersey. Everyone knows when you get elected in Plainfield, especially council members; the only concern is picking up their paycheck and showing up at council meetings. I’ve been asking you for the past 6 months Bernice to acknowledge what the new Democrats have done/been doing to move this city in the right direction.

When you mention in your blog that Mapp beat Davis by 103 votes, when he had to run against the Paglia/Mapp team who accused him of doing nothing as a councilperson, being a drunk, and an embarrassment to the city, and Mapp only beat him by what you said was 103 votes, that’s embarrassing.

Regarding the Doc’s blog, the fact that the majority of the things he said were true, how the Republican Party members have used the Democratic Party and have been able to divide them. But in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th wards, voters are starting to see through their games. Recently, with the Obama election, he won Plainfield by over 15,000 votes, while McCain only garnered slightly over 1,000 votes, where the majority of those votes came out of the 2nd ward. Based upon my involvement in the campaign, I honestly saw only a handful of New Democrats participate in the election. I’m not surprised then, that this handful on a daily basis, including Bernice, can only attack Mr. Green when he has proven that he is doing a great job on the state, county, and local level.

Unfortunately, some people in this city like Bernice and Dan Damon fail to realize that Mr. Green is Chairman of one of the most important committees in NJ, Housing and Local Government. Cory has encouraged low-income housing and facilities for halfway houses to come into Plainfield. Mr. Green has gone on record that Plainfield has had their share of these sorts of housing and facilities and other municipalities should assume some responsibilities, rather than give them a voucher and then send them to Plainfield. Because Mr. Storch has knowledge of these types of issues, he is more concerned with his job than with the quality of life issues here in Plainfield. His committee of Local Government oversees all local government in NJ, so when he is invited to local meetings he is there as Chairman of Local Government, not as ‘Jerry Green the politician from Plainfield.’ Again, it’s clear as day that the people in Plainfield need to take a lesson in structure in government here in NJ.

One last point to show how the New Dems are completely out of touch with political reality, the majority of the New Democrats believe that Mr. Green gets his votes from Elizabeth: Newsflash, Elizabeth is not even in his district!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I, too, am intrigued by Green's numbers--all one need do is check the county numbers to get the truth. I continue to wonder to whom his blog is directed. Most people who read the Plainfield blogs are pretty informed readers. To blatantly put untruths out there in one breath, and then to follow it up with a rant against "misinformation, inaccuracy" in another really makes me question why Assemblyman Green continues to be the favored choice of the county for the assembly. I am also dismayed by how petty he as a state legislator seems to be. Most of the bloggers are private citizens expressing their opinions and some favor one candidate or another. That's their right to do so. However, when a state elected official continues to carry on with possibly slanderous accusations against his own constituents, it is time to put a stop to it. Our other assembly person, Linder Stender, has not gone after her constituents with rants on a blog. Surely Plainfield deserves better.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

Oh dear, now I have to take to my "poison" keyboard to point out that while there were 5,399 registered voters eligible to cast votes in the Third Ward primary contest, the total votes cast for all three contenders was 1,002. So Mapp got 47 percent of votes. Check it out on the Union County Board of Elections and County Clerk's web sites.

12:24 PM  
Blogger olddoc said...

Bernice, It is nice to have someone else's blog to make a point.

No matter what the numbers are only about 20% of the electorate were interested enough to vote. N ot until a majority use their right will we have democracy.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So less than 20% of those eligible voted in the 3rd ward council primary. Three candidates were on the ballot and Mapp won by only about 100 votes? That's hardly a landslide. How many votes did Obama get from the 3rd ward?

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Green argues that low turnout at school board elections is justification for the abolishment of a democratically elected school board. It is clear from the numbers that turnout is also dismally low in city council races. So according to Mr. Greens logic, we should also abolish democratic elections in choosing city council people. Is this his strategy as leader of the Plainfield Democratic Organization: to drive down voter participation so low that elections on any level are no longer necessary. He can finally have things the way he believes is best: his way. Or, better yet, the way those big important people at the County and State level want things. He will continue to be considered an important member of their "team" as long as he keeps "those people" in Plainfield under control. When are we going to wake up and stop giving votes to the person who was sent here twenty some odd years ago from Linden to be our overseer. We need someone who will represent our interests down in Trenton, not someone who sells us out for thier own political expediency.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets change the school elections to the same day as regular elections. Oh wait, that will never happen. We would actually have a voice in something then and the unions would never allow that.

11:36 AM  

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