Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starting Over

Random image: Seedling

Things seem to be getting a bit bogged down or mixed up, so much so that I had to look up whether Mercury was in retrograde. Well, it was in January and will be so again in May. Perhaps what we are undergoing now is the repercussions of problems with communication earlier this year. Click here for one explanation of Mercury in retrograde.

Specifically, I am thinking about calendar issues, although there are others.

I can't be any more specific right now. It remains to be seen whether entities in the city, including citizens, can or will agree to be more collegial and less adversarial.

Meanwhile, the wheel of the year rolls on, regardless of what fools we mortals be. April 15 looms as Tax Day to most people, but to some of us it is relevant as the last day when frost is expected in Central Jersey. And then we get to have some surcease from the pains of everyday life, with sunny hours in the garden until the next killing frost in late fall.

--Bernice Paglia


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