Sunday, March 29, 2009

Remember Plainfield's Gardeners

For Women's History Month, a reader suggests that we honor three longtime Plainfield Garden Club members who passed away this year. They are Betty Hackman, Nancy Kroll and Evelyn Madsen.

The Plainfield Garden Club maintains the Shakespeare Garden in Cedar Brook Park, among many other activities. In about a month, members will begin their weekly work to keep up this beautiful site that has brought much positive attention to the city. It is a link to other Shakespeare Gardens across the world, where each plant is linked to a Shakespearean quote.

The Plainfield Garden Club also has conducted educational classes for Plainfield school children and in past years has invited visitors in June, when the garden is at its peak. Members in their garden hats and green aprons with the club logo would guide visitors around the formal beds and borders at the event, explaining the plantings.

Although the club has had to curtail some activities, it has a new web site.

These volunteers, past and present, seflessly share their love of natural beauty and garden design. There may not be a formal event this June, but the garden is open to visitors as long as the park is open and it is certainly worth a visit and a moment of silent thanks for what these dedicated women have done and are doing for the city.

--Bernice Paglia


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I'm glad you have tried to stay impartial in your reporting. It is truly a breath of fresh air after reading the FOSH Blogs.

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