Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are We Our Bloggers' Keepers?

Bloggity blog blog blog!

How did a dispute between Police Captain Siddeeq El-Amin and Councilman Adrian Mapp get to become homework for some of us other bloggers? Is it incumbent upon us to try to sort out the facts?

Initially, Captain El-Amin objects to Mapp's statement that a grant opportunity was missed. No, in fact the grant was filed before deadline. A council resolution will follow in June and is a "formality." Captain El-Amin reaches out to some city bloggers because his response to Mapp is not posted on Mapp's blog.

Bloggers attempt to get more details. Is it possible that the calendar change to one agenda session and one voting meeting per month has hindered the usual process of council authorization first and grant application second?

Meanwhile, Mapp's post appears first on his campaign blog and later on his councilmanic blog, where according to Dan, Captain El-Amin's response is in fact also posted. So are the other bloggers now off the hook for posting about it on their blogs? Mapp claims that even though the deadline was met, the governing body should have been told about it by the administration. But he also points to a resolution he offered to facilitate timely response to Stimulus Plan opportunities.

Captain El-Amin says he prepared the resolution on the COPS grant and he does not know what resolution Mapp is talking about.

Oy vey. Can we please be excused to go outside and do yardwork?

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are excused, but only on this one.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mapp is busted. Caught in his own web!

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Now Who was on First ??

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Annie McWillaims is not supporting Mapp. Drive down her house and no Mapp sign.

She was being coerced into an endorsement but none will come.

Now what does she know that others do not know? Makes you wonder.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:26 am is trying to post this same comment on all the blogs, Bernice. Annie McWilliams is supporting Mapp and as a close friend of Al and Darlene and the whole family, I know so. Rashid Burney is supporting Sharon and running on her slate for a city committee seat but he doesn't have a Sharon or Jerry sign either. Does that mean he is not supporting them? I can't wait til June 3!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 10:52am - I am with you!

12:54 PM  
Anonymous TS Smith said...

Last year Mapp and McWilliams ran together. This year not even a sign on her lawn when she had the New Dem BOE signs on her lawn.

No pictures of her with Mapp. No literature of Mapp with McWillaims. No blog entry supporting Mapp. No pictures of her and Mapp on her website.

I think 6:26am may be onto something.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mapp really stuck his foot in this mouth this time.

With this he has now pissed off the PMUA workers, the County of Union, and now Plainfield's Police force.

Way to go Mapp. You still have time to get under the skin of the department of Public Works and the Fire Department.

3:51 PM  

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