Friday, June 19, 2009

TV Issues Abound

Random image: Yellow hollyhocks.

I attended Thursday's Cable Television Advisory Board meeting but couldn't post due to the misbehaving computer. Today the modem didn't work all morning, giving me time to think about the issues raised. They include the need to recruit more residents to serve on the board, scheduling, policies to put in place on use of equipment, Comcast changes and many more. Looking at old blog posts when the internet link came back, I saw that in 2006 Comcast officials advised the board to begin the three-year ascertainment process toward franchise renewal, but later the officials said there was an automatic five-year renewal. I wondered how that deal came about in 1999 and whether, with all the changes in administration, the city still has a copy of the contract on file. I would love to see the exact language of the terms.

Anyway, the subject became larger in my mind that a quick summary of a meeting. I will try to work on it in Word so I can pop it in when the internet window opens for a while.

P.S. The darn thing went off three times while I tried to finish this, so I am stopping right here.



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