Saturday, October 03, 2009

Babble, Babble

The Tortuous Sophomoric Blather of TSB is now back, front and center, on Jerry Green's page.

With a month to spare before the Nov. 3 general election, it seems JG has dropped his thin veil of pseudo-statesmanship and has reverted to off-the-wall allegations against his challengers. One has only to compare recent TSB ramblings and the latest JG rant to see some of the shared elements ("embarrassment," "Ps," "gay community").

Speaking of the latter, is there really a monolithic gay community that can be manipulated as a voting bloc the way some politicians try to wrangle seniors into kowtowing to the Democratic party line? JG has in the past also castigated folks who would dare to tamper with the so-called black vote, which he apparently thinks is his alone (click here).

By and large, Plainfielders are not folks who just fell off the turnip wagon. We can see through political hype. Simplistic lumping of voters into categories is not going to get it. As the current Courier News "Tax Crush" series points out, New Jersey has big issues. And certainly Plainfield's economic vitality is on life support right now. The city needs good governance now more than ever. The governing body, as Old Doc points out, is one of the most capable in recent years. Will it find a match on the administrative side to provide the "just and capable government" that citizens want and need?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"PS: Moving forward, I have no interest in getting involved in gutter politics in this election. With that said, the voters on Election Day have two choices. If they feel I have not done my job correctly, or enjoyed my work as a Legislator, then make your voice heard. But, if anyone chooses to cross the line with slander or libel, I will have no problem meeting you in court, and letting the judge decide if some of your negative comments have crossed the line." -Jerry Green's Page, 12/18/08

If what we see now isn't gutter politics, what is? Maybe Jerry can define it for us.

Also, I can only assume by his failure to go after all of the "lies" with libel suits despite his willingness (eagerness even) to do so that Jerry knows that he couldn't actually win them. After all, in a libel suit, truth is an absolute defense. Jerry is lucky his opponents aren't as willing to sue as he is. Imagine how much being proven a liar in court could hurt a political campaign.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's very clear now that the person who (ghost) writes Jerry Green's and the TSB blogs are one and the same person. I have had an opportunity to go through a couple of dozen posts from Jerry Green's Page and the TSB blog, and the syntax, phrasing, and style are the same. Both rant, and neither writes very coherently. Green is writing like he's got nothing to lose. Apparently he doesn't have anything to lose, since the word coming from Trenton and Elizabeth is that he will be replaced next year. Assemblywoman Stender will also be replaced. This could explain why she has not been at all active in her own reelection campaign. Green appears to be like poison so no one wants to get close. Maybe she requested not to be placed on the campaign signs some have seen around town. Unfortunately, she is conspicuous by her absence.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous PubliusNJ said...

It seems that Jerry Green thinks the gays of Plainfield are wusses scared to death of losing the opportunity for marriage; the blacks are scared of losing their government jobs and contracts; the women are scared of losing their rights and respect. That leaves straight white men as the evildoers, and the only one who has the balls to take them on is SuperJerry.

Has anyone caught a peek of Jim Pivnichny? No offense intended, but he's not scaring anybody. Bo Vastine? He seems smart enough, but even if elected he'll be a freshman republican in a probably democratic assembly. Marty Marks? Well, he is a little scary with his American flag ties and all, but I've seen worse.

So what is there to be scared of? How about another term of the same divisive, incompetent, embarrassing non-leadership by Jerry and the gang, as we slide farther from the mainstream into an insular hamlet called Jerryville, where everyone's afraid of something.

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