Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gre-e-e-n Space!

Could this piece of land on Somerset Street be any greener?

The newly-planted grass looks like it will soon be a foot tall. This lot next to the former Tepper's building was an eyesore for many years, but now it is an emerald vision. Good work!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part of this space was supposed to have been rebuilt through the Tepper's Redevelopment agreement after the existing buiding on that site proved to be too deteriorated to fix. The developer went to the city numerous times with plans but was continuously rebuffed and ignored. Of course they were -- this was redevelopment under Al McWilliams! There are many stories of the Sharon administration atemmpting to undermine improvements that began under Al's tenure. Just ask the Special Improvement District Board (whose program survived but was stripped of UEZ financial assistance -- guess whose patrons pay these retail taxes!) or the Safe Housing Program which did not.

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