Monday, November 02, 2009

Leak-o-rama Day Four

The water that has been bubbling up from the driveway since Friday has many more outlets as authorities try to solve the problem. As of today, three water company crews have been unable to find out how to shut off the water, let alone fix the leak.

A very official-looking truck arrived Friday afternoon, but after poking and probing, the crew left without finding the shut-off valve.
Residents of our six-family building are therefore spared a day without water, but when the experts finally find the shut-off valve, we will have neither water nor heat.
Some of us have buckets of water at the ready to flush toilets and cases of water bottles to drink and use for cooking, etc. We are just waiting for some results.
It seems the water company has no information on where the water main might be. Could this be a result of the old E-Town water company being acquired by first a British, then a German firm?
New Jersey American Water is none of the first three appellations and good luck with the last.


Blogger olddoc said...

Your experience is not a rareity. My daughter had problem with her meter and the flow to it. They have a corner house. The water company dug up half of her yard and never found the connection to the main. Yes they still have water and still get a bill even though it seems to come from a devine source.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more things change, the more ....

Do you know that Plainfield once had its very own Water Utility ?? Sort of like PMUA "In the Beginning" It was sold out years ago to what became E-Town Water Company [part of the Kean family financial dynasty] now know as American something. Then again maybe the water utility should be privatized, publicized or authorityized. Who knows, but someone needs to keep better records that is for sure !! [Hint, hint to City Hall as you are aware with FOI requests.]

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but utility companies often do not have accurate records of where their infrastructure lay. When we were rebuilding the industrial east end of North Ave our contractors discovered a leaking potable water main in the street right in front of the Elizabethtown water company's HQ building (now owned by foreign concerns mentioned in the blog). They were totally unaware of the pipe as it was not contained on any of their as-built plans! It cost thw water company $250,000 to remove it while not disrupting area service.

Pat Fox

10:57 AM  

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