Friday, November 06, 2009

Recap of West Seattle Shopping

My extremely fast Seattle weekend visit still yielded lots of interesting experiences, but the disasters on returning home have prevented me from expounding on them until now.
Not only does West Seattle have the lovely Westwood Village mall with major chains, it also has The Junction with a year-round Farmers' Market and lots of interesting shops and food places.
The Junction is the West Seattle downtown and has many fascinating aspects. I forgot to bring my camera and so could not document everything.
Back at home, I contrasted two pairs of fingerless gloves that I bought. One was a very nice purple pair from Edie's for $32 and another was a $1.50 pair of sparkly aqua fingerless gloves from Daiso, the ultimate dollar store in the Northwest.
We also visited the Frye Museum for the exhibit entitled "The Old, Weird America" and got some souvenirs from the gift shop.
As much as I felt trepidation about going on this trip, I must say it was very expansive in terms of my worldview and worth all the trouble.


Blogger Rob said...

I am a fan of the fingerless gloves from WAY BACK !! I keep spares from each year ( whenever I see them I grab extra pairs ). Previous years I have bought some from a Wool & Yarn Festival up in Rhinebeck NY. Great quaility and only $20 a pair. I still have pair I bought 3years ago that I am wearing and a spare pair from 3years ago that I haven't even opened yet! But, I tend not to wear my winter clothing much since moving here from the Adirondacks. Winter is much warmer here for me! Thank you for letting me babble...

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seen the fingerless gloves in Target - There were 2 types - one where the fingers fold back and button to the glove so it can be used with the fingers or fingerless and the other that looks like a mitten if you want to cover the fingers. Not sure is I am explaining it right cause I just looked at them briefly the other day. Think the cost was about $12.50.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Rob said... I HATE ( so emotional, so over the top, so Gay of me !! ) the mitten/fingerless gloves...The true fingerless with NO extra attachments are PURE.." I drive and I smoke while I do it gloves...." ahhhhhhh the simple pleasures of life...

8:04 PM  

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