Monday, January 18, 2010

City Council Assignments

This is somewhat of a mundane post about assignments of your seven elected City Council members, but I hope you will take it into account as you interact with your elected representatives.

Council members were assigned both to liaisons to existing committees and boards and also to four new council committees.

City Council President for 2010 Annie McWilliams announced that the former seven council committees last year would be reduced to four, being the following:

Administration & Finance: Adrian Mapp, chair; Annie McWilliams, Cory Storch.

Public Safety: Bridget Rivers, chair; Rashid Burney, William Reid.

Economic & Community Development: Cory Storch, chair; Rashid Burney, Annie McWilliams.

City & Neighborhood Services: Linda Carter, chair; William Reid, Bridget Rivers.

In addition, council members were assigned to be liaisons to numerous city entities.

Mayor's Citizen Advisory Board: Annie McWilliams, Bridget Rivers

Planning Board: Cory Storch.

Board of Education: Linda Carter, Bridget Rivers

Union County Development Revenue Sharing: Rashid Burney

Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Rashid Burney, Adrian Mapp

Plainfield Housing Authority: Linda Carter, Bridget Rivers

Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority: William Reid, Bridget Rivers

Shade Tree Commission: Rashid Burney, Cory Storch

Plainfield SID: Cory Storch, William Reid.

Muhlenberg Sub-Committee: Rashid Burney, Linda Carter, William Reid


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good information Bernice.

Note #1 to City: How about putting which committees and boards each Council member is assigned to on the website.

Note #2 to City: Please put on the City Council's page right under each coucil member as to what board or committee they are on.

Note #3 to City: If Note #2 is too hard to do - just cut and paste Bernice's information on that page.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Maria Pellum, Plainfield Resident said...

Thanks Bernice! I agree with 12:23.

4:47 AM  

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