Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Conquers All - Even Blizzards

Park Florist owner Maribel Gonzalez was not sweating the big snowstorm Wednesday. More customers were ordering in advance, she said, in contrast to a past situation where last-minute buyers slogged through snow and slush on Valentine's Day to pick up flowers and gifts for their sweethearts.

The store at 613 Park Avenue is stocked with balloons, bouquets, and baubles to mark that most sentimental date on the calendar. Woe betide the husband or boyfriend who hasn't planned ahead.

One really cute thing this year is a "two-lips" vase that can be filled with tulips and bought onsite or delivered to out-of-town to dear ones.
A favorite for women to give to men is this basket of "junk food" treats, Gonzalez said. He'll think of you at work when he takes a candy bar or snack bag out of his office desk stash.
Give Maribel a call at (908) 756-1899 and avoid those tears and pouts if you have lost track of time and forgotten that Feb. 14 is next Sunday.


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