Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Roundup of Images

While my PC tower was getting fixed, I ended up with lots of text on Plaintalker and not so many images. Here is a bunch of pictures to make up for all that dense copy. Above, "pure as the driven snow" until plows, shovels and footprints rendered the landscape into an ugly, dirty mess.

Here is one of the more exotic feral cats on Block 832. "Cinnamon Cat" would need a good comb-out or maybe a temporary close shave if he or she was ever to be saved from the feral life.

You can't see it on this still photo, but a wind-whipped American flag produced a psychedelic moving image on a wavy plastic window at Pingry Arms. Fascinating!

Truck vs. railroad overpass on Park Avenue: The Loser

David Brown II, the new director of Public Works & Urban Development, humored Plaintalker by permitting this candid shot at Monday's City Council meeting. Welcome to Plainfield and good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cinnamon cat is adorable. That truck is just one of many. Lately it seems like 1 every other week. They need to move the height sign to on the bridge where it used to be. No one sees it on the poles.

4:33 PM  

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